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Palaiologian State Coat of Arms Bracelet

Palaiologian State Coat of Arms Bracelet

The coat of arms, also known as the Palaiologian coat of arms or the Palaiologos coat of arms, was a heraldic symbol associated with the Palaiologos dynasty that ruled the Byzantine Empire in its final centuries. This coat of arms often featured the double-headed eagle, an important symbol in Byzantine heraldry.

The double-headed eagle was a powerful symbol representing the Byzantine Emperor's dual authority over both the Eastern and Western Roman Empire. Both heads of the eagle were facing different directions, symbolizing the Emperor's control over the Eastern and Western parts of the empire.

The Palaiologian coat of arms, like other Byzantine coats of arms, was subject to various changes and adaptations over time. This coat of arms was used prominently during the reign of the Palaiologan dynasty, which lasted from the 13th to the 15th centuries and continued until the fall of Constantinople in 1453.

Our product is 925K silver.

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