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Nero Keychain

Nero Keychain

Roman Empire. 1st century AD. Ostia Port, under the statue of Neptune (Poseidon) with 8 ships in the port. Nero was a Roman Emperor who ruled the Roman Empire between 37-68 AD. The imperial period covers a period between 54 and 68. Nero's government was highly controversial and there were many incidents and government scandals during his rule.

One of Nero's most well-known actions is that he was not blamed after the Great Fire broke out in Rome in 64, and that the blame was placed on Christians. This began one of the first serious periods of persecution of Christians in Rome.

Nero was also an emperor who was interested in art and was an artist himself. However, due to his tyranny and arbitrary rule, he lost popularity among the Roman people and aristocracy.

Nero's government eventually ended in a rebellion and uprising, and he committed suicide. His government is considered one of the important periods in the history of the Roman Empire and is often studied for the complexity and difficulties of his period.

Our product is 925K silver.

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