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Janus Tenedos Necklace

Janus Tenedos Necklace

Drachma of the Tenedos island of the legendary city of Troy in Anatolia, known as Asia Minor. On one side, the concept of duality and protector, also known as Janus; There is a symbol of a mission such as surveillance and reception. On the back side, the island of Tenedos, written as ΤΕΝΕΔΙΟΝ is written. Today it is called as Bozcaada. There are also grapes, a warrior and two axes as symbols. Janus statues were placed at the entrances and exits of cities in the Roman Empire and had a kind of surveillance and protection mission. In later periods, the first month, was named January in reflect to God Janus. The reason for this is that it includes the end of the old year as well as the beginning of the new year.

Our product is 925K silver and 14K gold plated.

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